A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Four

Chapter 4 "Gerald, you need to know some things. You need to know about me. You see me? You see me right here don’t you?” Gerald and Nikki were lying in bed. It was late on some random night early in their relationship. Gerald was drifting off to sleep, and Nikki felt like her head… Continue reading A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Four


Finding Mister Squishy: The Introduction

The purpose of this collection is to assemble a series of essays reflecting upon the reading and deciphering of David Foster Wallace’s Infinite Jest. My hope is that these posts will succeed in capturing both the very individual experience of one person reading the book, and the very broad way in which Infinite Jest has… Continue reading Finding Mister Squishy: The Introduction

A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Three

Chapter 3: The conference room had been filled with squeaks and squawks for quite some time. It was the nature of these negotiations to break down, only that this time so much was at stake that neither side had the courage to leave the room. So, the Avians and the Rodents stood and spit at… Continue reading A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Three

A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Two

Chapter 2: There’s an Avian fable that parents use to scare their children at night. Far away, in a land that none of us can ever reach is a spider who spins a gargantuan web. Of course the web extends all over everything. Spiders are highly territorial creatures and they want to occupy as much… Continue reading A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter Two

A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter One

Chapter 1: Nikki Grayson scooped up the note without thinking, and shoved it hastily into her purse. It was probably a grocery list or some old form that had gone long unfilled. She did not notice the painfully delicate script, or the fact that the envelope was slightly tearstained. She certainly didn’t notice that Gerald… Continue reading A Fraternity of Crows: Chapter One